SCSL aims, objectives and practices

The Aims, objectives and practices of the Lodge are:-

  • The title of the Lodge is “Shropshire Combined Services Lodge. No. 9988”
  • The aim is to combine some of the Military traditions and comradeship into the normal masonic fabric of a Masonic Lodge and to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all concerned.
  • It is open to all ranks of all the Armed Forces, including both Active and Retired Servicemen, Territorials and Cadet Senior ranks. We would also consider applications from Masons and Gentlemen who have been or are members of the Merchant Marine, and have served in a conflict zone
  • All members are to be titled “Brothers” and no Military ranks will be included or promoted.
  • It is the intention to initiate, pass and raise candidates.
  • The Lodge will be peripatetic, meeting four times a year with the Installation meeting being held at the Masonic Hall, Crewe Street, Shropshire on the 3rd Saturday in January. Timings to be announced.
  • Normal meetings will be held outside of the usual Masonic calendar, so that the Lodge can be as inclusive as possible and limit any impact on members attending and supporting their current Lodges. This will include out of Province meetings by dispensation.
  • Dining arrangements will include potential alternative provisions, e.g., Buffet, Breakfast etc.
  • Ritual to be as per the Emulation ritual in the Blue book, with no additions or embellishments.
  • The Lodge will involve families with visits and events allied to Lodge meetings and functions.
  • Meetings will include interesting and informative talks and presentations relating to the Services and links to Freemasonry.
  • The Lodge will encourage and welcome visitors.
  • By- Laws are based on the model By-Laws approved by UGLE and Province.
  • Brethren will wear Regimental ties or Shropshire Provincial Tie or Lodge tie if designed and approved as part of Masonic Dress
  • To support the Province and or Provinces or Lodges with ceremonials and ritual as and requested.
  • The Lodge will be flexible and collaborative, to prevent any potential conflict with Lodges in the Provinces, to preserve and support the harmony of the Provinces from which our members are drawn.
  • The Lodge is to join the “Circuit of Service Lodges” Masonic National Group which exists to promote comradeship and fraternal contact between military masons, share good practice, initiatives and ideas.
  • The Lodge has and will maintain a Website, Facebook and Twitter presence.